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MarthaThompsonIdewu » 9:05am 02-14-2021
Thanks to ALL of Williams Temple COGIC for your support as our family celebrated the transition of my "big sister," Mother Irma Louise Thompson, from time into eternity. It is truly a joy to know that she will be with the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY forever because of her reconnection with HIM through HIS gift to all mankind, HIS SON, JESUS THE CHRIST.
Lori Edwards » 12:34am 09-11-2020
I dont think Andrew Caldwell should be posting the Bishop's picture on his page. Yes, God is a forgiving God, but the things he continues to say are not in the best interest of COGIC at all.
Brian Cunningham » 4:52pm 03-11-2020
Im a white man living in pa. I saw a video clip online of bishop Wooten preaching. Telling the truth on hillary clinton and her admiration of margaret sanger. I'm so tired how they force abortion as a women right. When its really about killing people of color it always has been and always will be. I'm amazed and in awe. Dear, Bishop Wooten i wish you the best in life. You tell it how it is. God bless you and your family. I will remember you always.. Life is a gift from heaven. Hope to see you on the other side....
Timothy a Chatman » 5:46pm 10-01-2019
SOCRATES FLORENTINO » 9:16pm 12-15-2018
-My condolence to Michael D. Soward for the departure of his father.
Deacon Rachelle Perk » 9:13am 12-16-2017
Hi, my father whom is now deceased (may he rest in Paradise). His name was Devern "Sonny" Lane. His funeral was held at your church. He was a Pastor under your leadership Bishop Wooten (I think). My Father's Church was Lane Temple. My brother Marcus is now an Elder Hallelujah. I was wondering if Lane Temple was still holding services and if so who is the current Pastor. I would like to visit my Father's Church.
The Wilson family » 7:31pm 07-22-2017
Can you keep me my wife and children in your prayers.
Tammy Sykes » 1:29am 02-19-2017
Hi I was inquiring about you all housing imasingle mom with two daughters living with my sister sleeping on her living room floor. Me and my two daughters was living in an apartment along with my girls father and he allegedly was touching on my older daughter so he is locked up right now and my neighbor start harassing me and I moved out and we been her for almost 6 months I have a job and I'm supporting my daughters the best way I know how I was just trying to get in a cheap one bedroom apartment for right know something not to pricey. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS
Dr. Ruth Sherman » 10:12am 08-17-2016
Dear Pastor Wooten,
Thank you for your strong statement rejecting anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic accusations and for reinforcing the history of Jews and African-Americans working together in the civil rights movement.
Bettye Brown » 3:27pm 10-17-2014
Williams Temple has an interesting history. Having visited the church many times and hearing both Bishop and First Lady Wooten speak, I am very happy to learn the history of the church and to read their interesting bios. First Lady Wooten was excellent at the 2014 A.I.M. Convention.
Dea.Michael Warren » 9:31am 09-22-2014
Holy Greeting From William Temple COGIC of Valdosta, Ga to William Temple COGIC St. Louis Mo.
William M Gremminger » 2:51pm 07-16-2014
Thank you and the LORD for the food today at the pantry. I had a great time at the service.. .love the people and especially the music.
I plan to come back and bring friends and family to praise the LORD and give thanks to the Ministries that Williams Temple provides.
Give Thanks to the LORD,
William "Martin" Gremminger
Evangelist Christine » 10:40am 06-26-2014
Praise The Lord EMWI Convocation 2014 ~ one of the best! May God bless each member in the body of Christ to Go and do the work of the ministry God called us to do. May we walk worthy of the vocation Christ has called us to! Praise God for our Leaders, Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten, General Board Member, Evangelist Shirley Wooten, Mother Rosetta Watts, Jurisdictional Supervisor!
Rosemerry Allen » 9:14pm 11-07-2013
What an awesome 106th Holy Convocation. God is moving my His spirit! Let the church say Amen!
Willie Odom Sr. » 10:11pm 09-02-2013
Enjoyed your Service... and the trip around the world event...hope to see you again... ( you may have forgotten)

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